About Us

PRESTO LOGISTICS began offering transportation services in 2007. From its humble beginnings, the main stockholders in the company had a vision of what a great transportation provider should be. They believed that good business practices along with fair and honest ideals would set them apart from the crowded industry.

The guiding principles of the company, consisting of great service, intelligent transportation solutions, and fair competitive pricing, have allowed PRESTO LOGISTICS to prosper from its inception.

In the early days of the company, Presto Logistics was primarily a long-haul carrier hauling goods to and from California for moving companies and freight forwarders.

Soon after, Presto Logistics became the “go to” carrier for many of the California, New York, and Florida household good moving companies. New projects were commonplace and Presto Logistics soon made the bold move to take a step forward in the industry and open their doors directly to the public.

This decision enabled us to not only provide transportation services, but also take on a whole host of warehouse-related solutions. Presto Logistics grew by leaps and bounds toward the end of the decade and opened offices in California and Texas, in addition to establishing partnerships in most of New York.

Presto Logistics is fully staffed with highly educated personnel to assist in all of your relocation needs, so no job is too big or too small. Our drivers on the road are courteous, professional, and most importantly, safe! We run a background check and conduct random drug screens on all of our drivers. At Presto Logistics, safety is our number one priority.

Presto Logistics is a member of the Business Alliance and has received a five-star rating from the Business Journal. Presto Logistics service is frequently recognized for integrity and reliability.


Presto Logistics is a privately owned corporation.

The original owners of the company are in the office every day and are responsible for the day-to-day operation and management.

Operating Hours

Presto Logistics operates around the clock. We never close our doors to a customer in need. If it is physically possible to accomplish, we can do it.

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